Hospitality Industry

Prollox Hospitality Solutions are tried and tested to be future-proof hardware and integrated with special software modules that provide the basis for the tailor made applications that today’s hotel business’ require. Whether at reception, in room service or in building services engineering – workload will be reduced for you and your employees. Even administrative tasks are processed more efficiently. You can treat your guests to their convenience. In short, you can run your business better and your hotel enjoys improved professionalism across the board. The integrated reservations systems, property management system and access control systems help hotels increase revenues, identify savings, and improve customer service. 

Our range of products cover all aspects of hospitality business from smart locks, access control systems, security systems and many others. Get in touch with us to get a quote for all your hospitality needs.

Access Control

Building Access Systems can increase productivity and is particularly suitable for compliance. It may be structured to be automatic or to utilize a controller.

Parking Management System

The PMS of Prollox is the core of vehicle access management solution and combines all the products and services into a complete system.

Security Systems

Surveillance can take many forms, all of which can be combined into highly customized and effective systems. The key goal is situational awareness of the entire site.

At Prollox Customer Satisfaction Comes First.

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