Prollox offers video, vehicle and people management solutions to the transportation industry – from airports, seaports, rail, and highways to package delivery and cash handling. Our solutions and products help in allowing transmissions across large scale mesh networks for large areas giving lower cost-of-ownership and faster time-to-deployment compared with fixed networks. Our solutions can help the industry in effectively enhancing security, management and marketing efforts.


Parking Guidance System

Parking guidance and information(PGI) systems, or car park guidance systems, present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas.

Parking Management System

The PMS of Prollox is the core of vehicle access management solution and combines all the products and services into a complete system.

Security Systems

Surveillance can take many forms, all of which can be combined into highly customized and effective systems. The key goal is situational awareness of the entire site.

At Prollox Customer Satisfaction Comes First.

Prollox provides compelling, best in class technology and systems integration solutions. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority making us the industry leaders.