Toll Systems

Electronic toll collection (ETC) is a wireless system to automatically collect the usage fee or toll charged to vehicles using toll roads, HOV lanes, toll bridges, and toll tunnels. It is a faster alternative which is replacing toll booths, where vehicles must stop and the driver manually pays the toll with cash or a card. In most systems, vehicles using the system are equipped with an automated radio transponder device. When the vehicle passes a roadside toll reader device, a radio signal from the reader triggers the transponder, which transmits back an identifying number which registers the vehicle’s use of the road, and an electronic payment system charges the user the toll.

Toll System Products

Toll Lane Controller

Toll Lane Controller (TLC) is placed in the tunnel underneath the toll lane or in the booth. The principal task of TLC is to control the toll collection and all its peripherals. It is a mediator between TMS software and lane hardware.,It transmits information and data of all lane activities to the “Toll Management System (TMS)” and receives other control information and data from the TMS. TLC consists of lane computer, power protection blocks, and peripheral coordination circuitry. It acquires the lane data and transmits it to the server in real time. TLC also communicates with the toll plaza server via “Local Area Network (LAN)”.

Automatic Vehicle Classification System

Prollox’s AVCCS is and intelligent “Automatic Vehicle Counting and Classification System” that woks on the vehicle side profile recognition technology. High resolution vehicle side profiles are generated from the IR curtain scanning system. The acquired profile is processed by our advanced algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence Pattern Recognition System in order to extract key vehicle properties and classify vehicles into one of the predefined vehicle class.


  • High resolution IR curtain.
  • Artificial Intelligence Pattern Recognition.
  • Robust construction and easy Installation.
  • >99.9% counting accuracy.
  • >99.5% classification accuracy.
  • Independent and stand-alone system.
  • User configurable system.