Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems

AutoScan is an intelligent system that assists the security agencies to inspect the vehicle under carriage. It is an automated system that can provide clear color images of the underside of the vehicle, from small cars to trucks up to 60 feet.

Vehicles drive over the environmentally sealed scanner while AuotScan system scans and compiles high-resolution digital image of a vehicle’s under carriage. It produces a clear image even when the vehicle stops over the scanner or when the vehicle goes back and moves forward. The live scanning image is displayed to the operator along with the license plate of the vehicle and driver photo. The operator can quickly view the vehicle under carriage image and also compare it with the previously cleared and stored image of the same vehicle.


  • High resolution area scan color camera.
  • LED Lighting for uniform illumination and long durability.
  • Auxiliary Cameras to see any threatening objects that are hidden on hard to view areas.
  • Automatic cleaning mechanism for all weather operation.
  • User friendly graphical user interface.
  • IP67 rated camera enclosure.
  • Integration with weigh-in-motion scales, biomet¬ric systems (fingerprint, etc.), facial recognition, license plate reader, RFID identifier, Smart Card reader, barriers (road blockers, cats claw, bollards or similar) and many other entry control point technologies.